Sunday, May 14, 2017

Move Out Already!!!

Welcome to the #RealEstateBFF!  

A place where women can interact and learn about the in’s and out’s of REALeSTATE. This is a growing platform for shaping the perspective of investing & home ownership specifically for women with consistent and expert contributions from women in the real estate industry. 

Our aim is to take women from Single & Renting to Single, Owning & InvestingThis is a movement to encourage women to be bold, take a leap of faith and wisely invest in real estate regardless of age, marital status, education, occupation etc.

From the days of June Cleaver, (a character from a popular classic tv show, Leave It To Beaver, depicting an always stylish homemaker) to Max and Caroline, (characters from a current popular tv show, 2 Broke Girls, depicting the lives of two single women with entrepreneurial dreams) women and their portrayal, along with their purchasing power, have evolved. Hence, the modern woman; becoming bold, creating boundaries & balance. #girlpower

Today women are confidently more independent and empowered. Women make up 80% of the buying population (#consumer) yet are the most under represented group of individuals serviced in the real estate industry. Let's change the narrative and join your Real Estate Bestie on the journey to... 

Growing Your Purse & Expanding Your Closet!!!