Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What is #TipSeeThursday?

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#TIPSEETHURSDAY* is a monthly event held the 4th Thursday of every month for prospective home buyers/owners. During this event we give you a first hand look (#SEE) of what a real estate transaction is like and what to expect. 

In addition, our partners at Stapling Success will be on site to give you #TIPS about restoring your credit and how to maintain a healthy credit score. We encourage you to bring your questions, your friends (as long as everyone is 21 and up) as well as your credit report (optional) and join us for our unique #TIPSEE event. 

This is definitely not your traditional stuffy seminar. This is an engaging and empowering learning session to encourage you to take your next steps to becoming an owner.  

*Disclaimer: this is not a drinking event but an adult learning event. We do want you to enjoy and have a good time but we also encourage you to drink and behave responsibly. 

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